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    Comments from the the 2014 Refund Hunt by taxpayers who filed with Injured Spouse Form, Form 8379

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    Chaddox, That is what I’m taking from it. I’m still going to check it everyday just in case though :-)

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    Kristin, so would that mean if they didn’t update this past Friday that we shouldn’t expect anything to happen this week? That kinda bums me out lol

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    @chaddox, whatthebleep said the transcripts are updated on Fridays.

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    @hatewaiting I efiled with my return. I have done that the last 3 years and it’s always been between 6-10 weeks. Also unless you have a debt with the state(unpaid fire department, ambulance, etc.. type of bill) you will get your state refund back. We always get it back, but then again ours is due to a federal student loan. I’m not sure to be honest about if it’s due to child support how that affects state.

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    has anyone tried to get the state income part back not just federal?

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    So glad this is the last year we have to file this way!

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    Anyone know how often the transcripts update or when they do? I know it’s only been 8 weeks but feels like it’s been forever!

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    So im one of the 3/3er’s that had their “as of date” on transcript change from 3/3 to 3/24 then to 3/31. I called this morning and was told my injured spouse claim has been completed, but she did not have a refund date, or amount yet. I was advised to check back in a week. Anyone else experience this?

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    @Kristin do you file your IS form with your taxes or send it in later?

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    @entertainment it sounds like the irs lady just gave you a DD of 11 weeks after they received your information. Sounds like she didn’t know what she was talking about(and many don’t and have just basic information with injured spouse unless they are actually in the injured spouse department) and wanted you off the phone. Last year I heard of some people who would actually get through to the injured spouse department but I’m not sure how or if that is happening this year. Good luck! I have gotten mine as soon as 6 weeks and late as 10 weeks in the past so I’m hopeful it’s sooner rather than later!

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    @entertainment from what i have seen that i have looked up in the past everyone gets theirs on or around the dates that it post online although it does sometimes take a couple extra dates depending on what dank your using

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    @AMFG87 So I am in AZ and that says that I live in a community property BUT it says that if the income is by one person than that is my personal return is the incorrect?

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    @entertainment i will keep trying until it lets me in, i wonder if it is case sensitive

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    while I called irs and got the 11 week speech. I asked why I could not access my transcript and she was like did you enter something wrong. are you for really its my info how could I enter it wrong. then said I don’t deal with online stuff. told me im looking at4/29 for dd but said they have had it since 2/20 filled 2/10. asked why did my transcript have 3/31 or latest dat 4/15? do they even now what they are talking about. im more confused now then before.. HELP

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    I am having the same problem with my transcript also. was able to look at it once and now it tells me that it cant verify account. does this mean maybe they are working on it?? I really need to now cause I have cycle date 20140805. im trying to figure this whole thing out HELP PLEASE

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    Same here my code 570 was as of 2/24. I was able to check my account transcript once and every other time it says unable to verify account info which makes no sense since I’m entering the same info every time. Anyone else having this issue.

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    @hatewaiting, look up which ones are the community property states, if you live in one of those then you will only get half of the return, if you don’t then you’ll get your whole refund.

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    Chaddox Thank you I will keep you updated:) i will be the happiest girl alive if i get mine before april 23rd lol if i pay my furniture off by than i have no interest woohoo :)

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    Hate waiting, they probably will give you your whole return. And last year I did mine the way you did and I got it the middle of April.

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    also does anyone know if they take anything if all the taxes filed for is your earned income? IE i am the only one that works full time so its all my refund but since we are married and my stuff was taken will i get my whole refund back when i do finally get it?

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    Okay bummer i am so ready for my money :(

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    mine last year happened very similar to yours and I got mine on the 8th of April. And they mailed it as a check. but I filed it after the fact at the begining of Feb.

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    our dates fall on pretty much the same days so keep me posted if you hear anything i tried to log into the IRS to see what my cycle is and it tells me that i am unable to be verified

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    I am a new person at this and i am not sure how it works is there a way to track my refund if i sent in the IS form after they took my refund?
    So i filed my taxes and they took theme for my husbands back child support and know I have filed the IS sent it by express mail and i spoke to the IRS they said they received it on Feb 18th and it is being processed. With this being said i was told it should only be UP TO 8 weeks because i sent the form in AFTER the refund was taken so is this true that i should have it by next month? and second question does it get deposited to my account (the original way i had it set up) or will it come by check?

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    Hello so i am new to this i filed without filing IS my refund was taken for my husband who owes back child support even though i am the only one working. so i sent in my form on Feb 12 they received it on Feb 17th i was told because i sent it in after my refund was taken it would only take UP TO 8 weeks. Does anyone know anything about this?

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    No, that’s only when it’s filed separately

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    Thank you. They said they had received it and it was still being processed. :-( Have some big bills due this week and was hoping for a miracle.

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    @treestone you mailed yours right? I called that number and they hung up on me lol. that sounds right for the way things are going for me. @chaddox on your transcript do you have the injured spouse recieved?

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    800-829-0922 press 1 for English, then one again, when it asks for social hit zero, when it asks again press 9

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    What # are people calling to talk to the IRS ? I can’t seem to get through to a live person.

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    and i am also in the 605 cycle… one of the first filers….

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    i still can’t get my transcripts… my last code was 971 injured spouse form received 2/18/14…. still waiting!!

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    Looks just like mine. I screen shot it so it’s the same as it was last week lol

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    150 Tax return filed 20140605 02-24-2014
    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2014 –
    766 Credit to your account 04-15-2014 –
    768 Earned income credit 04-15-2014 –
    570 Additional account action pending 02-24-2014

    That is what our transcript is looking like today (omitted the amount column) No change from when I checked it last week…from what I remember lol

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    I had read that if you filed before the 1-31 date that you got recycled to a later date. But I am not sure.

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    Cmbreede what’s the early filers club? Is that bad? Also, no I do not have that code but I’m pretty sure they only do that when it’s done separately. Because I also had it last year but not this year and I know that it’s i. The injured spouse department because I called.

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    @chaddox do you have 971 code injured spouse recieved? I did last year but not this year but last year I mailed it. Just wondering if anyone who efiled it got the 971 code?

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    @patrick did you get a 971 code injured spouse recieved?

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    my cycle was also 605 and nothing yet but I think I am in that early filers club. we shall see I hope to get some news this week. No change in my transcript for at least 2 weeks. so maybe soon.

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    I was cycle 605 and I haven’t gotten anything as of yet. I did call the other day and all they could tell me was that it was in the injured spouse department. Figure I will call back in another two weeks.

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    If your transcript ends with 570 and there’s no 971 code, that means they haven’t even begun working on your IS yet?? Ugh. gonna be another long wait for me, I guess…

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    I also filed with turbo tax. Wondering since they made us all wait til 2/6 if it caused some sort of backlog with the IRS?
    The “bars” went away on my WMR 2/25, but that’s it. No updates on the transcripts at all.
    I think WMR only updates once a day, not sure the time though.
    I’m wondering if the WMR only updates for those who have part of their refund applied to the debt (like the offset hotline)? My spouse is the one w the debt and doesn’t work, so I usually get all of the refund and no updates.

    In 5 years of filing IS, I haven’t gotten a refund before May, so I usually wait til mid April to start calling. However, a LOT of people have already gotten their refunds this year. I think they were all cycle 605 (I’m 805).

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    That facebook group you mentioned has a lot of good information but oh my gosh you better walk on egg shells. I’m not an aggressive person at all and I was kicked and blocked with no explanation or reason given. Can’t get a reply from any of the 16+ admins for the group. If you join that group, I highly recommend you don’t post AT ALL or you’re probably going to get banned eventually. I saw lots of people go before me.

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    hey, im what the bleep :) -filed and accepted on 2/7-(turbo tax didn’t have form ready by 1/31, so we waited)
    a week later processing message came up on WMR-hasn’t changed since-
    -account transcripts- cycle date 20140705, 570 date is 3-3, and my as of date went from 3/17 then a week later to 3/24, and another week later to 3/31 -hasn’t moved since. I haven’t made any calls to IRShovenstuff and don’t plan to, not that anyone else shouldn’t, it just hasn’t proven to be of any help in the past, going to wait it out and check for updates from you all. never seen an update on WMR, even after receiving my refund in the past, but others have so im not gonna lose hope. @[email protected] the transcript guy says that transcripts update on Fridays-super amazing guy that is taking time out of his life to ease the minds of people anxiously awaiting financial relief-just saying. I will update if changes occur-Good luck everyone.

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    Just wanted to add in here. This is 2nd year filing IS last year mailed form after e file and offset. Took till May last year to get check. E filed everything this year, am hopeful cause some apparently have got refund back already, But I filed 1/31 so I guess I could also be stuck in the early filers debauchile. WMR always just shows processing, havn’t called IRS to ask anything yet, but thinking about it. Last year I hounded them weekly till May, didn’t really do much good. Haven’t tried viewing transcripts either, just wathing and hopefully waiting as some have siad they got DD already.

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    Also has everyone with a refund received a change on WMR? In my 4 years of filing it has never changed for me even after I receive my refund.

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    Does anyone know what the $ amounts mean next to the codes on the transcripts? And for those with refunds/refund dates: just curious if your “as of ” dates at the top of your transcript was the same/close to your deposit date?

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    We mailed in the injured spouse form a few days after e-Filing..
    We filed on Feb.1 they got the form Feb.10. They Processed the form March 4. Let me add we stayed on them by calling at least once a week. I don’t know if that mattered but we got a ddd the next day after we called again on Friday!

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    Injuredspouseva did you efile it all or send the paper in separately? I’m getting bummed cause I was an early filer, filed on 1/27 and was accepted the next day. Bit nothing has changed here. Still says still being processed refund date will be given when available

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    cycle date of 20140805 but then I have three different areas that say credit to your account code 766 $…0 code 768 $…0 with the date of 4/15/2014. so when day im I to be looking at for my dd is it the 4/15 or my cycle date02140805 and if its my cycle day what day is that??? help

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