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      The IRS accepted my tax return on 1/24/2013 at 12:35 PM – Any idea or hope for a DD date?

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      UTAH Mine are MIA too. I was accepted about the same time as you. IRS didn’t give me any information when I call after it was saying it could not locate or I input wrong information (this was after it was already accepted), then later yesterday evening it was back up and working still at the processing level. This morning it was still processing and I checked mine after reading your statement and it is lost again. Let’s just hope that next time it work it has a DD.

      I did read an article today on how they are delaying some to make sure there is no identity theft and it should only delay those that they take an extra close look at by a day or two. This would make sense on mine anyhow. This year I get to claim my daughter and grand kids (who she claimed and filed alone last year). Then one of my grandkids was just born this year (and he is disabled).. so I think I may have meet the “red flag” requirements to cause an extra eyeball on my return. Not sure what your situation is, but from what I hear and see the ones that are going through pretty quick don’t are single 1040EZ filers that have filed in the past and have not other dependents, no EIC, etc. So they are very simple returns.

      Serena, the IRS was suppose to start processing ON the 17th, so people filed earlier than that. Then the IRS was delayed and gave 30th date. I think they pushed the date out to give them so screw up room. Anyhow, they started accepting some returns on the 23, a week earlier than what they said they would.

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