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    Still Waiting

      My return was accepted on 2/4 and I started to get worried when towards the end of February, I hadn’t received my refund yet. I am PATH but have always got it around 2/21. Then I started reading about the new verifying letter and after calling the IRS on 2/25, realized that my return is one that they’re holding until it’s verified. I had not received any letters prior to me calling on 2/25 and the agent I talked to said it would be mailed that day. It is now March 7th and I still haven’t received anything. WMR still shows processing with no bars and my transcripts are not available, so nothing has changed. How long after requesting the letter from the IRS to be able to verify you return, did you get it? I don’t want to call back if I don’t have to so I thought I would check here first.

      Thank you!!

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      Filed 2/1…status online said processing.. called Tuesday a d they said a verification letter was sent last week. Omg this is taking forever. Called to do verification today without form but didn’t have the control number they needed from the letter. IRS COME ON NOW WITH THE BULL CRAP. And check my informed delivery with USPS and it don’t look like it’s coming by mail today either.

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