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    I read online that most people are dailies, but I’ve been a weekly for about a decade. it seems like you’re only a weekly if you’ve had something that requires an extra look at your return(bankruptcy, SS issues, identity theft, etc….)? I’ve never had anything of the sort.

    I also file extremely simple returns: one W-2, single, no dependants, VERY small refund(not even $1,000), didn’t even have EITC this year! Would there be any reason they’d clock me as needing to be a weekly? it’s frustrating ever single year because I see so many people file the same day and get their’s so much faster.

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    I’m a weekly too… I filed on 2/27 and still haven’t been accepted. Assuming it will happen overnight tonight since its usually Thursday night processing. When did you file and how long did it take for you to be accepted? I will say that I received my DD in my account before my WMR ever updated so there is some hope I guess!

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