570 971 424 420 with ID verification

anyone with a similar situation? Filed and accepted 2/3/2018. bars disappeared 2/17/2018. tried to get transcripts, no go. received ID verification letter and verified. Got transcripts and had these codes: 150 tax return filed 20181005 03-26-2018 766 credit to your account 04-15-2018 768 earned income credit 04-15-2018 570 additional account action required 03-26-2018 971 notice […]

Code 570 Processing Date 3/26/2018

I filed on 2/1. Received notice that I needed to file 1095a. Marketplace made an error. I never received health tax benefit. I faxed proof on 2/21. On March 5 received the 4464c letter that I was now under review. Logged into transcript on 3/11 and see code 570 with processing date of 3/26. This […]


Who has 570 AND 971. Did you actually receive a letter or an 846. Had 570 last week and now have 570 and 971 anyone has or had that?

Anyone with 570 holds with 3/5/18 date

Anyone with e dates of 3/5 actually had their funds released yet? Mine was not lifted on friday like I was hoping. Spoke to an advocate yesterday and she said maybe this friday it would be. How many on here seeing their money this week or still in review?

Tax advocate, no help. Code 570 and 971

Called tax advocate line to see if they could give me any further info. I filed 1/31, accepted same day. ID verified 2/20. Got the wait 9 weeks Info. Transcripts updated to a 570 and then a 971 code dated 3/12/18. Called them today. Lady is rude as hell. Told me to wait until 4/24, […]

Figuring out reason for 570?

In case this helps anyone – When I pulled my transcript yesterday, I saw the 570 and 971 codes. But I also saw a line on there (don’t remember what the code was) that was a credit to my previous tax for a couple hundred dollars. This morning, I show a 571 and a DDD […]

15 Feb Filer with 570 Stories

BACKGROUND: FILED: 2/15 ACCEPTED: 2/15 STATUS: Married/Joint/Dependents I filed my fed/state on the same day. I had itemized deductions (including mortgage interest, dependents, business expenses, and home office as I am a telecommuter). I also have children, but don’t qualify for any credits of most kind including EIC or education credits. I did take one […]

Code 570

So I called today and was told no update. Keep checking WMR for updates. Still frozen but once lifted WMR should update. I called for a tax advocate today. Waiting for call back. I wonder if I’ll update on Saturday with a DD.

Transaction Code 570 and Delayed Tax Refunds

transaction code 570

The current tax season is moving at a slower pace than last year.  We have noticed an uptick in complaints about refund timing and IRS Transaction Code 570. The IRS has reported an increase in tax returns filed, but they have issued almost a million less refunds compared to the same timeframe in 2017.  This […]

W2's Not Received by the IRS w/TC 570?? Comment Here

Filed/Accepted 1/29 One Bar until 2/17 Viewed Transcripts 2/16 WMR updated to “still processing” 2/17 No update on Saturday 2/24 so I called IRS this morning. Lady said I am in a 45 day review for a mathematical error and that I may not see my refund for up to 6-8 weeks!! I immediately called […]


Filed an accepted 1/25. Claimed EITC and ACTC. Bar went away 2/3. Had the awful “still processing” on WMR. Transcripts have been blank every since. Received ID verify letter in the mail on the 20th. Verified on the 21st. WMR and transcripts finally updated this morning, 2/23. Here are my codes: Cycle date: 20180805 150 […]

No bars since 1/28 accept 1/23 Transcript code 570

Anyone who has the processing message AMT came back? Did u all received a letter! Mine still says processing! Your Personal Tax Data Social Security Number or IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number: ***-**-**** Filing Status: Head of Household Your Expected Refund Amount: $4,641.00 Refund Status Results Print your Refund Results for your records. Take the […]

Transcript update, wmr update, 570, and a letter in the mail

So, transcripts updated last night and show tc 150,806,766,768,570. Cycle 20180705 proc date 03-05-2018. Wmr shows my refund amount, but still say processing. Came home to a letter stating that my return in under review and i do not have to do anything at this time, unless i was Not the person to file. None […]

570 Updates Here

Have a 570? Make it easier to track your progress with others by posting the following details- Date Filed: Date Accepted: Cycle Code: Processing Date: 971 Letter Sent?: Current WMR Message: Previous WMR Status: Credits (EIC, ACTC, EOC, etc): ID Theft?: Other:

Help! Transcript codes 806, 766, 768, 570

Ok so I filed and was accepted 1/24 have eic credit never updated to path had 1 bar until sunday Now I have STILL being processed message I had transcript faxed to me I have codes 150, 806, 766, 768, and 570 Processing date shows 3/5/18 Cycle 20180705 I do see my return amount with […]

Transcript Code 570 has anyone have this before?

Just check my online transcripts and they’re all there now but my account transcript is still showing 000’s with a processing date of 12/19/18. File 01/22 Accept 01/23 lost bars on 01/28 with processing message. File EIC on Maybe where’s my refund will update tonight with a DD. Check my account transcript again and it’s […]

Codes 150, 806, 766, 971 and 570

e-Filed: 2/4. Accepted: 2/4 I woke up this morning and saw the following transcripts: 2017 Wage and Income transcript: No record of return filed. Account transcript: Code 150: Tax return filed. Cycle: 20180703 Date: 03-05-2018 Amount: $0.00 Code 806: W-2 or 1099 withholding. Date: 04-15-2018. Amount:-$xxx Code 766: Credit to your account. Date: 04-15-2018. Amount:-$xxx […]

Code 570 update

Any updates from anyone who has this code? What is the IRS telling you? They keep telling me it has to do with the path act but that makes no sense.

570 Code on Account Transcript

I filed 1/23, accepted 1/24. Ordered transcripts 2/8 and the codes were all good, just no release code. HRBlock. EITC, ACTC. one w2. I updated to the PATH message and when that went away on the 16th, i had the processing message. The 17th, WMR states “Your refund has been received and is being processed.” […]

Cycle 20170605 topic 570

Please help! I was able to order transcripts I have cycle 20170605 Codes 150, 806, 766,,768, 570 Does anyone knows what that mean ? It is Saturday I can call IRS ! Please help ?!

Transcript code 570 and 971

I filed and accepted 1/29, 1 bar WMR TT152, ordered both transcripts today and saw codes 570 additional account action pending 02/27/2017 0.00 code 971 notice issued 02/27/2017 0.00 Anyone know what these mean?

Code 570, 2016

I filed a simple tax return on Feb 25th, waited my 21 days and called. I had to verify in person according to the IRS. I completed the verify at my local office, I waited and waited. Finally after 3 weeks I was able to order transcripts with my new address about 4 weeks ago. […]

The 570 code and date next to it

Hey just wanted to see who has the freeze code 570 and the date next to it. Also, if you’ve had an movement or info giving to you from the IRS. My stats are: F/A 1/31/2016 No movement until 2/19/2016 I was able to order transcripts and my bars disappeared. I still have tt 152 […]

week 11 570 code Help

I E filed on September 29th on my transcriptit says processing date of October 19th it then has a tax code 570 on October 19th. can anyone give me some insight on how long it took from this point to get yall refund code ? I’m on my 11th week since efiling. I was last able to see my transcript wth […]

Turbotax caused TC 570

We are a volunteered group of CPA non profit that help low income or illiterate to file their taxes for free. we rely on turbotax to file the returns. upon last week we see a trend where more than half of our clients are getting TC 570 on their transcript, some are dating back to […]

Turbotax caused TC 570?

We are a volunteered group of CPA non profit that help low income or illiterate to file their taxes for free. we rely on turbotax to file the returns. upon last week we see a trend where more than half of our clients are getting TC 570 on their transcript, some are dating back to […]



Finally a cp05/971/570 update!!!!! 1/20 filer!

I have been checking every couple of hours as i worked tonight and I was completely FLOORED this morning when I saw an 846 at the bottom of my account transcript. Was NOT expecting an update since I’ve been getting my hopes up nonstop but today I am absolutely shocked to say my refund released. […]

570 Code

Filed and accepted 1/20 haven’t seen movement since. Did idverify about a week ago and was able to view all transcripts for the first time this morning. i have codes 150, 806, 766, 768 & 570. my as of date is 4-6-15 if that means anything. anyone know why there’s a 570 code and not […]

Additional 570 code

Had one dated march 2 woke up.this morning to another one dated march 30th, also my as-of-date changed to march 30th, originally it was February 16, but I received a 4464c letter dated February 2. Hopefully this means they will be releasing my money soon.

570 code, also got 5464c letter updates

Got my letter dated February 2, just the very vague 4464c letter. Wasn’t able to view transcripts until February 12 but it has the 570 code with a date of march 2 by it. That date has passed but still haven’t seen any updates. Filed January 26

code 570 with 03/02/2015

My bars went away this past Sunday, I filed 1/26 possibly the irs didn’t get my return until a later date no one confirmed that, but my transcript end with a 570 code with march 02 next to it does anyone know if that’s the date my transcript will update and any incite period. My […]

anybody else with a transcipt cycle of 2015701?

was able to obtain a copy of my 2014 transcript finally and also wheres my refund updated for me. it says that they have received my refund (woo-hoo) and that it is being processed. the cycle date on the transcript says 2015701. was wondering if anybody else had the same cycle as I, any help […]

Code 971 570

So this morning I woke up to my transcripts update with code 971 and 570 … cycle 20150505 and 2/23/2015; I know this means under review but WMR still has 1 bar topic 152 and I have not received a letter. HELP?!?!? Has anyone had this that updated to an 846. Family had insurance through […]


I’ve been reading the IRS manual some more to try and figure out more information. All transactions (codes) must be posted to transcripts by 9PM on weekdays and 10PM on thursday. With that being said, you should see updates by 10 PM on weekdays and 11PM on thursday nights Source: http://www.irs.gov/irm/part3/irm_03-014-001r.html A 570 code can […]

code 570

Hi all: I have a code of 20150405 and below it says this: 150 806 766 766 768 570 Additional Account Action Pending 2/16/2015 It’s that last one that concerns me. What does it mean?

TurboTax, SBBT and 570 hold

As a tax preparer, we have received a lot of complaints from our clients that took advantage of the Amazon Bonus Refund offer from Turbotax, and received a 570 hold code on their IRS account transcript. The return transcript are available in all cases so we know the return is sucessfully processed. Most returns have […]

CODE 896 and 570

My cycle date shows 20150402 but I also have a code of 896 Refund Applied to Non IRS Debt ( which I’m sure is for not having health insurance) and a code 570. What do they mean?

code 570

I filed/accepted 2/18/2014. I have codes: 971 03/17/2014 570 03/17/2014 I pulled my trans and see that I claimed the Addtnl Child Tax Credit in error (I only have one child). The IRS already took the 630 off of my expected refund amount and it is updated in the AT’s. Under where it shows ‘Tax […]


Good Morning Folks, Has any shown where their refund was issued but then received a 570 code after? I owed child support so expected to have my refund applied to that but I am now finding out that child support was never paid and my refund was placed on hold. On my transcripts it shows […]

Reply To: Transcript Code 570 has anyone have this before?

570 code w/ DATE 5/28/18….. Is it true ….. I got a letter 60 review but my TA said to ignore the letter… Also my account transcript say As of 6/4/18 What is that date for it doesn’t say and that date is tomarrow ….. ANYONE…..ANY IDEA…. MY TA SAID BEFORE MEMORIAL BREAK I SHOULD […]


I’m so confused my return got accepted 2/9 I got a letter 4464C dated March 15 and still haven’t recieved any letters or my refund! The last code on my transcript is 570 hold I think. It been more than 60 days as stated on my letter what do i do?


Filed 1/29 Code 570 2/15 60 day hold 3/5 IRS said they sent release or to contact me 5/7 Still nothing Called TA 3/5 and they can’t get anything done either Still no info to help, I’ve basically gave up. Was told they have 60 days from 5/7 to release or contact me for more […]


Yep. Its After my 60day review and still have 570 hold. Spoke to a lady yest. At irs And sent a referral but its no help. Another 60 days to wait or average 2 to 3 wks. And fyi, i have a TA for 6wks now..she even cant get a response from them.

Reply To: Examination

I just received TC 424 (Examination Request) 05/17/2018 on my transcripts after calling and being told a request will be sent over to the examination department to either release or request more information and they have up to 60 days. F/A 01/29/2018 As of Date: 02/19/2018 then changed to 06/04/2018 with TC code 424 Code […]

Reply To: California

Update: I just called the 9168457088 number I found on this site. And they received everything and processed it over the phone. She said direct deposit takes 2-4 weeks but more like 2. Thank you for the helpful information here.


@Rachel it may not update till Friday because my TA wasn’t sure that my 846 would show on my transcript. I wish I could upload a picture of my transcript. 570. 3-12-18 0.00 290. 20181903. 05-28-2018. 0.00 846. 05-14-2018 There are also some n/a with some numbers but that may something to do with advocate […]


@prettyladyte I have a 570 code on mine back from 3/05. My last two codes after that are 971 and 977 after my TA sent in my amended return. I have no clue what those mean. She told me last week I should be getting my refund this week but I called and had my […]


How long can a hold actually stay on your account ? I have a 570 dated 3-5 and and 961 dated 3-12 those are my last two codes. My as of date has changed and it has passed. *sighs* it’s been a long wait past 100 days


I am very confused about this year’s tax season, I have the following codes 150 806 768 570- 3-5-2018 Says the received date it 4/15/2018 when I called the IRS the gentleman told me that I didn’t have to send anything in, and that I should hear something by May 4th I take that’s when […]

Reply To: Under Review

@naomionekanobe F/A 1/29 4464c: 03/05/18 Code: 570 Transcript: Return Due: 03/05/18 – 04/15/18 whichever is later Received: 02/19/2018 Processing: 03/05/18 I don’t qualify for a TA and get refused so I just continue to wait. Congrats!

Called and Update?

I’m not sure how accurate this is but I called the 800# and hit 00 after selecting English. I sat on hold for a good 30 min and got a polite gentleman. My 60 days is up this Sunday. I explained this to the rep and told him I was viewing my transcripts and there […]

Reply To: Accepted 1/29/18

I Filled on 01/29 Accepted 02/02. since then the nightmare began- First Had to verify identity. What the hell. The only thing changed was getting an Uber tax summary instead of 1099. Verified on 02/13 Then the following codes showed up- Code 150 Code 766 Code 766 Code 768 Code 570 Code 971 Code 422 […]

Reply To: does anybody have similar info on transcripts?

Utter confusion !! Ours are somewhat similar F/A Jackson Hewitt 3/14 Bars disappeared about 2 weeks later, info and amount on side stayed the same, Still processing, TT152 Transcript dated 3/26 says no record of return filed 4/9 rec’d CP74 stating I successfully recertified for the credits claimed for 2017 Transcript dated 4/16 has processing […]