6 Reasons You May Think Your Tax Refund is Delayed

Interpreting the IRS Transcript, Hub and Cycle Date Theories is Making Heads Spin

There was incorrect information passed around since last week by others, which has caused a lot of unnecessary worry for people. Let’s clear some of that up:

  1. Return processing locations are not called “hubs”. If you want to use correct terms, they are a “campus” or “service center”.  To clarify the Memphis/Philly issue: What people are seeing on the transcript is a default account setting that everyone gets before their return is processed. This is TEMPORARY and will change once the return is processed. Memphis is NOT a processing service center. No one’s return is “stuck in Memphis”. Return processing is assigned based on state to Fresno, Austin, Andover, Kansas City, and Philadelphia. (This is also part of the confusion because Philly is both a processing center and a non-filer center.) So, it doesn’t matter what your non-filer transcript looks like. Everyone will have that!
  2. Just to clear up the “I saw on the internet that Memphis processes returns” issue, it used to be a processing site, but is not anymore, so yes, you will find old stuff on the internet. But good luck trying to get a return accepted their now.
  3. To summarize, it does not matter what Service Center your transcript says if it has not finished processing. Also, there is no significance between having Memphis or Philly. There were NEVER location-based processing delays.
  4. There was no “test batch” for PROCESSING. If your return was “accepted” prior to 1/31, it was put into a queue waiting for processing to begin 1/31. So really, it’s only been 8 days (not weeks), and with the known processing delay(s), it is really more like 3-4 days for some.
  5. For those with early (pre 1/31) accepted dates, think of it like Black Friday. Everyone lines up waiting for the doors to open, but when they open the doors, just because you were towards the front of the line, doesn’t mean you will be the first ones into the store because there are so many people pushing to get in.

IGMR received this clarification from what we deem a trustworthy source. Hopefully it alleviates some stress and people stop feverishly trying to figure out which ‘hub’ they are in. Happy refunding!

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What Others Are Saying

  1. Refund accepted feb 10 ,2014 it's almost June and refund status still says nothing new

    We filed an injured spouse form again this year ,form 8379 ,I read on the irs.gov site it would take eleven weeks to process our return . It’s cut and dried ,nothing special on the rest of the return . It’s almost June and no refund . I don’t even know how to call the IRS I have tried the 1040 phone number to no avail . There’s no option to hold and speak to someone . The length of time is ridiculous. One piece of paper ,that we filed last year and we will file every year , cannot hold our refund up this long ,seriously !!?,?,m?m ugh they accepted the return feb 10 2014 . No letter in mail ,no phone call nothing . Just says refund still being processed on wheres. My refund site .

  2. Angela Gottshall

    I had to send my teaxes via mail, b/c I filled them out with turbo tax- and the part for interest or other money from somewhere else (my bank interest) I left zero- and had to go back b/c i had to get another copy from my bank. SO I had to go out back and put it in. Well turbo tax- some how took this as I needed an amendamant form 1040x. Not sure why- but I dont think my taxes were ever processed. you have to fill out that amendament if they were processed and there is a change or something. SO they told me i needed to fill out 1040x, for the $34.00 of interest i had to add b/c I left it as zero at first. So i had to mail in all these forms. I mailed it Feb10. I have not gotten anything, I look every day on the site- I don’t even know if they got that. I see nothing that is telling me it was recieved, or being processed. It says un able to find my information. I ma not sure what is taking to long. It is now March 18, and i still have not heard anything. Very frustrating!

  3. tamara mallery

    @jennifer rogers: Are you able to order scripts and see any codes? Has wmr stayed up and running for you? There seems to loads of issues with the irs this year sorry.

  4. jennifer rogers

    I filed my taxes on feb 26, an here it is march the 11. an its still not approved. i dont get it!! is there something wrong am i not getting it???

  5. misti

    I filed my return on Jan. 20 2014 it was accepted by the irs on the 29th of January and here it is the first of March and still no refund!! What should I do?

  6. Jerry R

    I filed way early this thinking I might get my refund early. I have yet to receive my refund. The website shows still processing. After calling, they said my return was unpostable and that it could take 8 – 16 weeks to receive my refund.

  7. prettychacha

    I filed 1/12 got accepted 1/31 no bars just said being peocessed wirh a 152 topic then 152 disapears and this availible date thing showed up and has been there ever since so I called a rep and was told that my return was resequenced due to a tech error and it was manually fixed and reprocessed on 2/21 they also said that nothing was wrong on my end it was just delayed 2weeks so I have a estimate date of 3/5 so I decided to check transcripts to see if everything was good and I had 2013* non filing message called a rep again and was told that everything was good no info needed to be sent out or in I should be seeing a update next week and a estimate day of 3/5 or 3/7 if not call back so just for the hell of it I called a couple hours later to hear another irs rep say everything is good estimate date of 3/5 3/7 so 3 xs I’ve heard the same info just praying its all true

  8. Kawanas Murphy

    On the internet it is saying that my refund is still processing, and that I will receive a date when available. It’s not even showing the three stages anymore. Why is that?

  9. Lloyd

    @chris: I agree with you. Last year after 6 weeks I called and the lady said because I go to school online they had to verify that claim due to a big fraud the previous year. I am on my 2nd to last class now, and I e-filed early when I got a text from Tax ACT on 1.29.14. Still waiting, again, just like last year, but this time I got a pre-paid debit card from Tax ACT. IRS is a joke!

  10. Anonymous

    @jebony87: before you try to tell someone what they need to do you need to look in Webster and look up the spelling of weight

  11. brentley plunkettand terri hays

    The irs issued my direct deposit on the 10th of Feburary to my bank. My bank rejected it and sent back to IRS. How long till i recieve my papercheck

  12. roxanne oxley

    my status been showin Your tax return is still being processed and A refund date will be provided when available for over 2weeks please whats the solution to this am getting and i filed on th 31st of jan 2014.

  13. Only Because

    @jebony87: Really your only saying that because you received your money. If not you would be here ranting too.

  14. ajohnson

    I have filed on 1/31,and it was accepted on the same day. Today’s date is 2/14, when I check the status it still is sitting in processing. This status has not changed in two weeks. There is no other information on the WMR website. I have tried to call and I am unable to speak to a live person. I used the numbers listed on this site as well. Does anyone know what the potential problem could be? Are there others that are experiencing the same issue?

  15. chris

    so how come people who filed after 2/1 are getting their refunds quickly and those who filed early are not? Even if the 2/6 was a computer error fine but then why is it still taking longer? A little research is showing this is the case. On average the ones filling early should receive their refund first and this is not the case.Once again the IRS has screwed up, they are incompetent and the fact that they just got their bonuses back is an insult

  16. jebony87

    Ok people here’s the deal if u filed before the 31st then that means you were accepted not processed. No one’s refunds were processed until January 31st so if you got a dd after the 1st of February then they process your return on the 31st. If you got a bday of February the 6th and it was taken back or cancelled it means you were in the batch that the computer sent out a false dd to. People seem to forget that the IRS is processing millions of tax returns everyone is not going to have the same bday as anyone else its not possible. So stop trippin and weight everyone will get there refund in due time.

  17. chris

    sorry but this is a lie. 4 is FALSE they have already addmited that a good deal early subbmiters were put into a test batch. A good deal of those had gotten DD of 2/6 which later got canceled. Please do some research before just posting what propaganga is given to you. It seems percentage wise more people are get proccessed and getting refunds or DD that processed after2/1 then before

  18. David Todd

    Well according the IRS CSR I spoke with yesterdayI was accepted thr 28th
    . So I guess that blows #1 on your list out of the water.

  19. Jamie Lee

    I checked my tried checking my transcripts and I got an error code 8191 what does this mean??

  20. jemar707

    Follow the information about IRS refund processing centers, hub and related here.
    Weigh in here and lead the convo on the IGMR grapevine.