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    Hello, last night I submitted my taxes using turbo tax and I woke up to a refund received. I was wondering this is my first time submitting a IS form, I am the injured spouse I made more money I paid more in taxes and my kids are from a previous marriage does anyone know if the money from EIC will be given to me since my husband is not the father.

    • Read some of the others comments on this thread. Generally if you’re the only income you’ll be the one getting you’re whole refund back most likely. I only say most likely because I don’t want to say you will and something happen. He will get his portion and you will get yours unless you live in a community property state then it’s 50/50. It takes anywhere from 8-14 weeks to get it back but some have been a lot longer.

    • Thanks Brittany, I been reading all the other post, in my case is that I made twice as much as he did, but i just checked and Florida is not a Community property state. Wow it can really take up to 14 weeks.

    • Or longer! Lol. Like 6 months and the irs will pay you interest. Idk why it takes so dang long!! This is my first year as well. In your situation I believe you get all your portion from the income you made. I have found EITC calculators online and put in just my income to see what I would get back. I didn’t make nearly enough to get back as much as I would if his income was included without the debt so I still don’t know how much I’ll be getting back. If they treat it like married filing separately or if I get half of the EITC and he gets the other half. We aren’t in a community either.

    • 6 months so whats the whole point of having 11 wks on the IRS website, they are giving false hopes

    • I know :( I read somewhere that if it takes longer than 14 weeks they start paying interest. Some people were getting as much as 506$ in interest. It’s a bunch of bull.. it’s our money!!