• I think if your messaging on the wmr has changed to processing I believe is a very good sign
    As far as processing time I have seen anywhere from 2 weeks to 12 weeks. Lets all hope since its early in the year they will resolve these and move on to the real crooks.

  • Yea I have the take action and 151 too. Standard message since we had to update to something on wmr.

  • Go Blue: What did you see last time you looked at your transcripts? If you’re not seeing that 971 maybe they internally fixed things. I know there is going to be no change on mine tomorrow because I just got everything faxed in yesterday.

  • I hope you have good luck with the advocate. Keep me informed of your progress. Looks like there are going to be a lot of us in this boat. So far I have counted 10. I have had that audit code for 2 weeks and was ready for that letter. I was happy that it was just the cp75

  • Are you able to see your transcripts at all? I think they have frozen the eic but I have heard of other people getting the difference minus the eic.

  • Received the dreaded 420 audit code and just got the cp75 letter for dependents. Anyone else gotten this and what was the process and wait time?

  • Sheila_33 posted an update 10 months, 1 week ago

    @curi0us1 I’m not seeing any posts from you. Hopefully you’ll get this message

    • @sheila_33: Hey hun. I figured that because you’re really good at responding. I faxed everything this morning. Just curious of how long I’ll have to wait now

    • I’ve seen anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks but I bet more like 2 weeks since you got everything faxed back in. I think its just a random exam and since you’ve filed the same way every year they just need verification. When’s the trip to Hawaii? So envious of you.

    • There have been a lot of audits in the last 2 weeks. A lot of people going way over the 60 days

    • Sheila_33 quick question. will I see a change in wording or any update on wmr now that I have faxed over the requested for the 424? Just curious if I should be looking for any inkling that they’re working on it

    • @Sheila_33: hi!!!!!!! Do you think it’s wise or benefits me to order transcripts again and if so when? The last time I ordered then was 3/24 when I noticed the 424 and the time before that was 2/10.

    • @Sheila_33: good evening hun. I read on here that I’ll have to wait a minimum of 4 months before hearing back from irs? Is that accurate

    • @Sheila_33: thanks for the response. I faxed the info 8am 4/17. Does the 4-6 start as of the date I faxed info or should I add additional weeks

  • Sheila_33 posted an update 3 years ago

    @tamara-mallery Tamera, good morning, I see how situations are similar taxwise, have you gotten your ddd and if not when do you think it will happen for you

  • Sheila_33 posted an update in the group Transcripts 3 years ago

    Here is my situation: I had a tax debt owed in 2012 that I was unaware of, filed last year and got my full refund, nothing was taken out but later in the year I received notice I owed this debt so I knew then I still owed it. After filing early and also knowing that I was a weekly, this morning my account transcript updated to show the debt was…[Read more]

    • Sorry, my boys just got home from school…seen your post. I am thinking that we might see WMR update possibly Sunday morning at the latest and our DD will be 2/4. Nothing else has updated on mine. I do see a FEB 16, 2015 date beside ACCOUNT BALANCE areas but there’s 0.00’s showing. Even my exemptions are showing 0 its suppose to be 05. One thing…[Read more]

    • Oh and I was just being bored and looked at my 2013 transcript and it shows a code 922 Review of unreported income $0.00 on 01/17/2015…that’s new too. Have you looked for little things like that?