• Tori posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Update my refund is supposed to sent out today but they can’t tell me if it’s direct deposit or paper check. I was originally supposed to have it direct deposited into a card from liberty tax . Can any one tell me what they think and how long it would take to get my refund

    • I have been wanting since the 25tg of May and still nothing

    • Hey Tori, I just checked my USPS Informed Delivery and Yes my refund check is being delivered to my house today and it was mailed out yesterday. My close date was the same as yours; May 9th. Check your mail today!

    • Thank u for letting me Know. I will deff check my mail. Also will u let me know if u actually get it today

    • Also how did u get it to update u when u get .it also did u go threw a tax place . I called my post office and nothing

    • Tori, I called the IRS yesterday and the lady said my refund check was mailed out on 6/4. Yes, I am DEFINITELY getting my refund check today. I created an account online with the United States Postal Service Informed Delivery; they take photos of your incoming mail for the day so that you know what mail is coming to your home for the day. When I filed my taxes it was online through Turbo Tax and I originally opted to have my refund direct deposited but since I sent in a paper Injured Spouse form my refund is coming today via the mail. Refund check is coming from Pennsylvania.

    • Okay I called my post office and that don’t have anything for me . Also what state do you live in ? I live in Ohio

    • I live in West Virginia. Go online and create your account at USPS Informed Delivery for photos on your incoming mail. My best advice (opinion) is if your check is not there today it will be there tomorrow. I was told that it takes 1-3 days to receive your check after it is mailed out to you.

    • Okay thank you. And I hope so I called Monday and they said it was mailed so hopefully tomorrow thank you for letting me know

    • I just received my refund check in my hand a minute ago from the mail man!