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    So glad to have found this grp…this is my 1st year filing as IS, so I have no clue how this process is “supposed” to work or what to expect. I e-filed using TT including the IS form on 2/10/18. On 2/11/18 TT emailed that my taxes were accepted by IRS. I’ve read that the processing time if you e-file the IS form with your taxes can take approx. 8-11wks. My 11 wks was up approx. the wk of 4/29/18. The WMR has been useless, my status has never changed, always says “refund received and is being processed.” My first call to speak to someone was on 4/27/18 to check on the status since my 11 wks was within a weeks time. The rep was very forthcoming with info, she explained that per the info in their system, my taxes were received by IRS on 2/15/18, and 11 wks would be reached the first week of May. She reviewed the status on the IS form, stating that per the system my IS form/file was received by the IS unit on 4/9/18 and was assigned to someone in that unit on 4/15/18, she stated she didn’t understand why it took so long for my IS form/file to be received by the IS unit. I told her my WMR has never changed and I have not received any other notification on the status of my refund. First, she stated that there was no indication that an offset was pending, she says my refund amount was free/clear of any debts/pymts, that I should receive my full expected refund amount. She then stated that I should have my DD by 5/7/18, but if I didn’t receive it by then to call back. So, 5/7/18 came and no DD. So I called back on 5/8/18, this time the rep was not as forthcoming with info and wasn’t very helpful. I explained the reason for my 2nd call, going over everything from my 1st call, and made it clear that this is my 12th wk and I have not received my refund nor any other notification regarding my refund. This 2nd rep, placed me on hold for about 5-10 min, then stated that she does see that I am beyond the 11 wks processing time, she offered no assistance but to say that she was sending a referral msg to the person assigned to process my IS form, to expedite the completion of my IS review and release of my refund since I am past my 11wks of processing. She gave me no time frame on anything, all she said is that the assigned IS reviewer has 30 days from the day they received my file to complete their processing, she then asked for my contact number in case the reviewer may need to contact me for any reason. So I am left to just continue waiting, based on the info provided to me from the 1st rep, my IS form/file was received by the IS unit on 4/9, and my file was assigned to someone on 4/15, so technically 30 days from assignment should be 5/15/18, and hopefully my refund will be released (which would equal overall processing time of 13 wks)….has anyone experienced something similar? I don’t know what else to do, I’m not sure there is anything else I can do at this point. Thanks, Theresa.