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    I was wondering that too. I know if u have a credit card and all you can check you records for the code it says on here but i dont have any of that

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    I was told it can be denied if they feel ur spouse is reliable gor it but im new at it too. Good luck

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    Do you knpw the name of the form? They actual took from federal and state the same amount which is double what was owed its the first week day sense i found that out so please let me know if yoy know thank you

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    Im in the same situation any update?

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    Hello i am very new at this it is our first time doing injured spouse. We filed our taxes may 1st with a check date of may 9th. We where already approved and money was sent out it said but it was a mistake on website they took it so thats when we filed the injured spouse form may 14th sespertly. Ive tried getting the online transcript we dont…[Read more]

    • Okay well you came to the right spot for answers. So when you e-file or mail in your the taxes and they have to come back pretty much it’s like starting over e-filing or submitting your taxes. So from the day you sent it it’s probably going to take a week to get to them and it might take a couple days for them to approve it. They already have your…[Read more]

    • Pay it also if you have not gotten your state taxes because they took your refund you need to ask the IRS what you can do about that because there’s a paper that you can fill out to offset and get your money back and it doesn’t take that long so it might help with bills. I did it and got it back within a week it’s a whole lot faster than Federal.