• H Thompson posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    Finally it’s over for us!
    We were supposed to get our original refund 2/22
    I filed our first IS form that day (2/22)
    Called 9 weeks later and it wasn’t there, I sent it to the wrong place.

    Sent 2nd IS form on 4/19.
    IS form received 4/24
    8 weeks went by, nothing. Did the 30 day referral, nothing.
    On 7/25 our reversal was pending, on 8/4 it showed on our transcript that it was
    reversed. We just got a refund date of 8/18 with an extra $74 interest.

    Sorry I dont have my transcript in front of me, but I just looked at it yesterday and found our refund date, finally. By time we have a check in hand it’ll be 17 weeks. Took 15 1/2 weeks just to get a refund date. Good luck to those who still don’t have anything, be persistent with them and keep calling.

    I learned my lesson and my student loans will be out of default before January so we will never go through this again!