• H Thompson posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 9 months, 3 weeks ago

    So i called yesterday to check up on the status of our refund because the transcripts still show IS form received 4/24.. First off what was weird and i’ve called at least 25 times throughout this whole process and have never been asked this. The lady asked me for my SSN, its always my husbands that gets asked for because he filed the IS form, not me. Then she asked me for my mom’s maiden name and my dads full name. That has NEVER been asked before in the 25-30 times i’ve called. So they’re telling me since 7/25 there has been a pending reversal. She said it could take 4-6 weeks.. I said, okay 4-6 weeks till I see a check or 4-6 weeks till it shows on our transcript. She said she couldn’t answer that question. Monday will be 15 weeks since they’ve received our form. I’m very confused. We’ve now had to reschedule our vacation 4 times, so glad my school loans will be out of default before January. I never want to go through this crap again.

    • Have you received anything?? My claim was received 4/24 since then nothing has changed on my transcript. I’ve called EVERY week with a lot of different t answers. BUT today I was told there are several dates that there is some type of glitch and I happened to fall into one of them! I’m not sure the dates but it could be possible for you!

    • @devinf We got an update on our transcript like 2 weeks ago that the reversal was made and then just yesterday we got a refund date of 8/18.