• H Thompson posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 10 months ago

    Today has been 13 weeks since our injured spouse form was received on 4/24. I waited the 8 weeks, called and did the 30 day referral that was up on 7/19. Called back on the 20th, was then told I should wait 7-10 days before making a call to the tax advocates as that was the next step. So i decided to instead of waiting call today. I called just now 7/24 and was told by a tax advocate that I could not get help unless I had a hardship. We don’t have a hardship. She said, i’m sorry you were given wrong information but you need to ask for the “Injured Spouse Unit” to talk to the injured spouse collections and find out whats going on. After 30 minutes on hold, I asked for that exact unit.. the girl froze wondering what to say. She then tells me I can not talk to them because they don’t take calls from tax payers.. She put me on hold, came back and said the only other thing I can do for you is a 30 day referral. I refused. I’m not doing another 30 day referral. I demanded the injured spouse unit and she refused over and over. I dont know what else to do now. Wait? It seems like that’s all thats left to do because we can’t get help otherwise. I was told by a IRS rep that even if you didn’t have a hardship that the TA was the next step no matter what.

    • Mine was received on 4/21. I called after the 45 days, which was 6/5, the guy said he put in a referral. Called back June 14th. Was said there was no referral put in. I was mad! The lady then said she will put in the referral. Called again and 7/11 the referral was received I guess. Checked this weekend and have a check date for 7/28.

    • I’m going through the exact same thing! Mine was received on 4/24, I have called every week and still no refund. The weird thing is they told me the amount I would be getting about a month ago but its just pending???? A referral was done once and some how they say it was closed out so like two weeks ago they did another. It is absolutely ridiculous!!!!!

    • @devinf They haven’t even told me an amount or anything. They just say they don’t know why it’s not done that they still must be working on it. I refuse to do another 30 day referral because it’ll be 17 1/2 weeks by time that’s up. That is ridiculous and anyone who has to wait that long shouldn’t have too. Nobody should have to wait this long either. The only thing my transcripts say is IS form received 4/24.. nothing else. And they refuse to let you speak to the injured spouse unit, the tax advocates won’t help you, i’m at the end of a dead end road i guess.

    • Any word on your taxes yet. Hope you hear something soon. My wait is finally over. Received our check today. Good luck, til next year

    • @erica I called last thursday 7/27 and they said something about a reversal was pending on our account and that i would see a check in 4-6 weeks. I’ve been checking our transcripts and still dont see anything besides the IS form received.. I’m hoping something caves here soon. Glad you finally got yours. There definitely won’t be a next year for us, my school loans will be out of default by january so they wont be able to do this to us again.

    • Have you received anything yet? I called today and found out my date was in some glitch and they don’t know unless you called. I asked how I’d called EVERY week and yet nobody could tell me?! He didn’t know but he called in someone to help him figure out what was going on!