• Toni posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Just sharing my info in case it helps someone!

    Offset due to my (ex) husband’s student loans. Offset 2-22-18. Mailed IS form in 2-28-18.

    971 Injured spouse claim received 03-05-2018
    766 Removed refund applied to non-IRS 04-15-2018
    290 Additional tax assessed 20181605 05-07-2018
    290 Additional tax assessed 20181705 05-14-2018
    846 Refund issued 05-04-2018

    My check was mailed Friday and came in the mail today. Praise God! WMR was never updated beyond return received and being processed.

    Prayers for everyone still waiting. Hope this info helped. Just wanted to share, as I have just been reading posts and this group gave me a lot of info. Returning that favor!