• Steph336 posted an update in the group Transcripts 3 years, 7 months ago

    Just a thought. Since Friday was a deferred day for posting and Monday was an elongated day…and the season opened on the 20th (Tuesday) and the 21st was the last day in cycle 03. Obviously those returns(a lot anyways) processed in the 03 cycle. Thursday is processing days for weekly accounts…me and MountainMan are fairly certain we are weekly…I’m curious IF, our transcripts MIGHT update overnight tonight instead of this weekend sometime. Am I crazy for believing it could be a possibility? Not gonna put much stock in it…just something I’m keeping in my back pocket. Lol

    • The latest your transcript might become available would be late Thursday night, but Id still bank on the cycle date and refund date I just suggested.

    • @Whathappened: an update wed with an 05 cycle isn’t possible because 05 doesn’t occur until Thursday…so it would have to be Thursday. Just wondering if they are playing catch up with the returns that were filed before last Thursday…since thwy played catch up with the ones from Tuesday and Wednesday. Just an idea.

    • Yea I apologize. I didn’t mean Wednesday literally, I was suggesting that it would actually be updating on Thursday, but depending on where you are in the us, the time may be late Wednesday night for west coast, even though its already Thursday morning east coast. Regardless, I still say you get posted with a 20150405 and a ddd of next Wednesday the 4th.

    • Any updates for you guys yet?