• Steph336 posted an update in the group Transcripts 3 years, 8 months ago

    I want to try to clear up some confusion about the cycle dates. The cycle date is the date you posted to the master file. Posting cycles run from Friday to Thursday. Friday starts 01, you skip Sat and Sun, going to Monday with 02 and so on and so forth. Thursday is 05. So, a cycle date of 20150402 means you posted on 1/26/2015. You add 4 business days to that and your DDD is 1/30/2015. Congrats to everyone with the first cycles of the year!

    • Can you Sticky in groups?

    • well put. should post this in the manual group, but I will never find my way back here…not use to the group format (I work better alone :) anyway, thought I saw those reporting a post cycle 20150405, which would be thursday….but is it possible to have a future post date? Maybe with weeklys that’s how it is coded?

    • That idk. I wouldn’t think it’s possible.