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    Hey fellow IS filers. So what’s everyone’s opinions on filing EIC along with IS, both being efiled and accepted on Jan 29. I was told the IRS was delayed in accepting returns this year compared to last year. Also heard people filing with EIC won’t be able to be processed until Feb 15th or later. Like most all of you, I really need my refund asap and would like to know about when to expect it. Keep hearing and reading different things, so I wanted to ask the group for opinions. Thanks!

    • They aren’t processing returns with EICs until after the 15th of this month, Due to the path law and that they are trying to cut down on fraudulent people claiming eic. So possibly 21 days after that?

    • They are processing returns with EIC and ATC before the 15th, refunds won’t be issued until after the 15th. I received my account transcript and it was processed, but the refund won’t be issued until after the 15th.

    • Thank you for the comments and info as always. Let the wait begin.