• Stacey posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 4 months, 1 week ago

    Praying for an approved refund update Saturday. If this year is like past years I have had my refund within 10 days of my 570 processing date. Fingers crossed! Update us when you get your approved!!!

    • I have 570 with a date of 2-19

    • My 570 date was 2-12

    • My 570 date was 2-12 also

    • My 570 is 2/19 fingers crossed we receive it soon. This is our first year filing IS so I’m not really sure what to expect …. used to having our taxes within the 21 day mark.

    • I wouldn’t worry about the dates on transcripts cause they are not accurate. The IRS will always post in future dates. Depending on how you filed the form, is depending on how long you might have to wait.

    • It’s not the same for everyone. Just saying i think since i dont have credits and only one income that its a pretty simple return ans at least for me it has been about a 6 week wait

    • Your giving me hope Stacey! I hope I’m wrong and I won’t be delayed because of credits. Hang in there and good luck to all. Does sound like you talked to a newby on the phone.

    • After filing for a few years I feel like its at most 11 weeks and they said it takes 11 weeks to cover themselves. I tried joining a IS group on FB and when I told them i have received refund in 6 weeks they treated me like I waa dumb so I am staying on this site. I hope to see an update Saturday!! Using money this year to catch up on loans so i dont have to file IS next year lol.

    • You aren’t dumb. This is definitely a welcoming group. We all just feed off each other’s experiences here. Great to see everyone’s day to day updates.