• sarah f parks posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 4 months, 1 week ago

    Filed our taxes on 2/2. My transcript shows the usual codes. Last year was our first year filing is from. It took 11 weeks to get our refund . So is that how long it takes every year (

    • No mine normally takes 6 weeks but I do not have EIC or any type of credits like that. We only have one income as well so its a pretty simple return. My first year took 12 weeks but it was pulled for a manual processing and the person who did it, never submitted my refund. It was done for weeks and never finalized. Ever since then I call once its my 21 days just to make sure!

    • Then how are other people getting theirs back 3-6 weeks when they’ve filed before

    • Some people get them back within 4 weeks. Like I said I have gotten it back within 6 weeks. So no its doesn’t always take 11 weeks, regardless of what the site says.