• Pbrown82 posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 4 months, 1 week ago

    Ok so it updated last night wooowhooo kind of it says there’s been a delay, but doesn’t have any codes…what does that mean?

    • Yep! That is normal. I was actually getting nervous when my bars were still there but mine are gone now too. Just says processing. Totally normal. Once I get that message I wait until my 21 days and call just to make sure everything is ok.

    • Thanks so much I was sooooo scared because we’ve never filed our taxes together before, also typical IS how long does it take?

    • They say 11 weeks when filing electronically with your return but my average weight has been 5-6 weeks. I waited 10 weeks before but because it was pulled for a manual review and never submitted. Had I not called, I would have not gotten my money. Ever since then I call once it hits 21 days to check on it lol.