• phoenixbennu posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 4 months, 1 week ago

    So, I have EIC, ATC, IS, and all that (as those know from my prior postings). I got my form in the mail to verify me to access transcripts online.

    I have a cycle date 20180505 with a date next to it of 2-19-18

    I have codes 150 766 768
    and then the final one is:

    570 Additional Account Action Pending 2-19-18 $0.00

    I am wondering if anyone knows if the 570 and the date 2-19-18 is going to show that they are going to hold the money for EIC until then, and then process for the injured spouse (considering wheres my refund shows account delay “take action”), or if they are also processing IS simultaneously while they wait for the PATH act for release. …. or if maybe having a cycle date is likely that I will get my money around then and that its a promising sign that IS and PATH completions will coincide.

    • 570 code means it’s being processed in the IS department. the 766 and 768 are the EIC credits. So you’re fine and no that 2/19 date does not matter for IS filers. You can call after 21 days and start getting answers.

    • I called on 1/30 and the guy took about 20-30 minutes to look over my return and he said everything looked fine. He seemed nicer and more helpful that most people everyone seems to be getting. He said I was part of the first batch.

      I just hope we all get IS done quickly this year.