• phoenixbennu posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    So, who knows enough how how they divide all this up.

    I was trying to see if I would get all or a portion of my refund.

    I was the only income, my wife had 0 income. All the debt is hers from student loans. We filed jointly, and with IS. EITC, CTC, ATC, and all that. We have three kids. Married, kids live at home and ar all still dependents. Normal little family with nothing but a stay at home Mom, a Dad that works, and her defaulted student loan debt.

    I think it should be that we get all the refund back since there was no income in her case, but it does make me wonder.

    • Last year was my first year filling Injured Spouse. I was the only income. I received the full refund plus interest but unfortunately due to delays I didn’t receive my refund until June.

    • Good to know. I am hoping I get the full refund. I think we all could. Its nice to have. I don’t really need it to survive but it helps my family thrive. Had years where we absolutely needed it or we would have been screwed financially. However, these last couple years we have been lucky for that to not be the case.

      I think this year is running nicely because of the change in administration. So many things have been streamlined. Different IRS, less regulations, and so much. It doesnt matter where you stand politically, the proof is in the pudding. People getting DDDs on the first day of opening, and so on.

      Now, if only some states would fall into line. Mine doesnt start processing until the 26th.

    • You should get it all back unless you live in a community property state where even on one income it’s still split 50/50

    • I live in Kentucky which is not a community property state. used to live in one, but that was years ago.