• Nicole posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hi, New here and 1st year I filed IS. I filed 2/28, and filed the IS form with my 1040 but unknowingly did not write Injured Spouse in the top left corner of my 1040 (simple instruction that I missed) Then I forgot to include my EIC schedule, so that put my return on hold. Now that all forms are in good order (as of 6/6/18) my IS is being processed. I was told by two tax advocates – I call every day – that the estimated time is 45 days. They would not let me speak to the Injured Spouse department, but were as informative as possible about the process. I check WMR every day for any update as I cannot view my transcript online. So here’s hoping July 25th will actually be the completion date!

    • They told be 45 days too and that it was beibg processed but from what ive read on here most have been getting it 11 weeks after they sent IS seperate and 14 or more when sent in together. Fingers crossed its the 45 days they gave me the date of july 5th and they recieved the paperwork may21st took then over a week to get