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    I just checked my transcript online today and I have this information. Would anyone be able to explain what does it men? This is my first time filing an injured spouse claim.

    150 Tax return filed 20181005 03-26-2018 $0.00
    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2018 -$746.00
    766 Credit to your account 04-15-2018…[Read more]

    • From what i understand is that 290 code means they started working your injure spouse claim and 971 is just a notice letting you know that it was recieved and someone is working it

    • So at this point once your transcript updates again this friday you shoukd see an additional 846 code with a date and thats the date they will mail your check

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    What means when you have only one 846 code and two 971 codes with the same date? I am do confused regarding how the injured spouse claim works. This is my first year doing it, and it seems that all the information I have about it does not make any sence for me. Thank you.

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    Thank you for the answer.

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    How can you know if your injured spouse claim was accepted if sent by mail on the 15th of April, once with your amended return?

    • If you sent it in with amended return they will get it fast but takes forever for them to do there job so i say expect 11 weeks call and ask if the is dept recievedd your claim or get transcripts and see if 971 was issued and what the date is

    • Thank you for the answer.