• mommyto6andcrazy posted an update in the group ACA Form 1095A / Letter 12c 1 year ago

    Okay did anyone here who has received a DDD or knows that they have their 1095A get tax topic 152 back on their WMR or their bars before an update? Mine still shows the same old same old. Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

    • My tax topic 152 never disappeared, I only lost the bars

    • SAM replied 1 year ago

      @mommyto6andcrazy Tax topic 152 just indicates that you have chosen to get your refund direct deposited.

    • When do they update DDD? is it only wed and sat?

    • interesting i want to call them again so bad this morning, but ugh I don’t want to be pushy ya know

    • SAM replied 1 year ago

      I’m tempted to call as well, in the back of my mind know calling isn’t going to do anything, but I still have that urge

    • But if you still have the tt152 is a good thing though. If you lose it thats when you u need to worry