• Victoria posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 1 week, 2 days ago

    Called this morning and was told the entire system was down nation wide and they can not access anything…..

    • Really i would if people that are supposed to receive there refund tomorrow if there going to receive it even if system are down …or the just said that so people will stop calling

    • Wounder lol

    • Mera, I dont think they are just saying or the girl that i spoke to is winning an Oscar for her performance today! Lol… she tried, even started giving me the have to call back and stopped, asked my info cause the the computer started thinking, got half way through verification and then was very upset that it froze on her…. but yes makes you wonder what they are going to do with today being the last day to file and how can you process returns with out the system.. i dunno!

    • Im going to call them right now

    • Let me know if you get anywhere

    • Just called and i asked if i would be receiving my deposit on my debit card if it scheduled for the 18 she said it should and she looked up my info and she just said it show DDD on the 18 lol and they answer really fast

    • I called again, got through, system is i am being told by the rep that answered that Friday the 20th is my 11th week and to call back. I asked if there was any type of update and was told no and they couldnt do anything until the 20th.

    • I went the whole 11 week it sucks but finally fingers crossed mine in on my card tomorrow

    • Mera, when did you file and get accepted?
      I efiled 1/25 accepted 1/26…so my 11 weeks was last Friday…