• Megan Hanshaw posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Sorry for posting so much..

    So any help or anyone that has been in this situation please help… My husband and I filed on 2/7. We e-filed with IS. Our first year. It was accepted 2/15. I called on last Thursday to be told it was closed on May 1st by 2 different people that day. I called twice to be sure. Well, I called again today because something hasn’t set right because I always get told 2 different things. So I called again to see if by some God’s chance that there was a refund issue date only to be told it was still pending adjustment and that it would be another 3/4 weeks before there was even a refund issue date set. Is that the same thing as “closed”? Is this something different? I was so hoping that the close date chart with DDD and Check Mail date applied to me but something is telling me it doesn’t. Please help me understand!