• Megan Hanshaw posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 4 months, 1 week ago

    I’m really looking for an ounce of hope somewhere.

    My husband and I filed on 2/7. We filed electronically and filed IS at the same time. As of last week, our transcripts read:

    150 TAX RETURN FILED CYCLE 20180705 DATE 3/5/18
    806 4/15/18
    766 4/15/18
    768 4/15/18
    570 3/5/18

    I called last week and got told it was assigned on 2/15. Today I called again, just praying for an update, and got told it was assigned 3/5. I get told the 11-week speech each time I call. I just really need an update of a DD even if it’s for the beginning of May. I’m losing my mind checking and calling with the IRS, calling the Offeset number, checking our bank account, and checking our mail. My family and I really really need this money for things coming up in the next few weeks. Any shred of hope or encouragement would be greatly appreciated.

    • I have the 20180905 cycle date, my transcripts are identical to last years even though I filled earlier this year. Well I got it 5/3 last year. So I hope that helps I’m pulling for the last week of April 1st week of May.

    • I hear the cycle date ending I. 05 only updates on the weekend. But idk 😐

    • Toni replied 4 months ago

      What is your debt for? Mine were for student loans, filed IS last 7 years… I filed 2/26, IS closed 4/3 and I received my DD today

    • Child support, so I got the credit back 4/15 just hoping for next week or the first week of May.

    • Toni, the debt is mine for Student Loans. My husband worked and had all the income. We live in Ohio.

    • I literally have the same dates as you and the same exact dates last year. Lmk if yours updates and I will do the same. They are processed in piles at random.

    • Tarably, I will. Please let me know if you get an update.

    • Tarably, a little update. I gave in and called and actually got something that gave me hope for once. The guys told me from what he can see he looks for my case to be completed around the 27th of this month. So I’m hoping it wasn’t something to get me off the phone. So fingers crossed!