• Marcia Leventhal posted an update in the group Amended Returns 1 year, 3 months ago

    well. i had to amend 2013, 2014 and file for 2015 and 2016 all in the same time frame.
    I was getting all the info gathered to claim a HCTC since my husband was a TRAA recipient. we qualifieid and the irs contacted me to amend 2013 and 2014.
    In any case. they took what i owed in 2014 and 2015 from my 2016 refund and are mailing me the amount that is left ($600). The large amount i am owed for 2013 (now i owe the irs nothing and they owe me quite a bit from the HCTC they just processed on July 14th–2013 ammended return. . The update says it was adjusted June 23, 2017. to call if i dont’ get a notice. i called since i never got a notice.
    The rude customer service rep said they said the online is wrong it actually wasn’t adjusted until july 13 and completed july 14. the 2016 refund was mailed out on july 21 and was accepted july 14. it seems they put it all together somehow so i am hoping i get the notice this week or check. They said there was nothing in the system when i called over a week ago that anything was generated but it would take up to 3 weeks from July 13, 2013. Not sure why it said adjusted june 23 when they tell me on the phone july 13. my guess is they had to figure out the interest they owed me and then processed the final return and took out what i owed from 2014 that i was still paying them. Now my 2014 amended return is received I called them and they will owe me from that. why they took from my most recent return for 2016 i’ll never know but maybe i have to be current and compliant with them before they will send me what they now owe me for 2013 which is quite a bit. what do you think.