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  • active 2 months ago

    Group for users who filed Injured Spouse Form 8379

    The injured spouse on a jointly filed tax return files this form to get back their share of the joint refund when the joint overpayment is applied to a […]

    Public Group / 1,094 members
  • active 2 months, 4 weeks ago

    People waiting to get their refunds and having to go thru a Id verification process

    Public Group / 39 members
  • active 3 months ago

    A place where IRS manual enthusiasts can gather and discuss the manual.

    Public Group / 76 members
  • active 5 months ago

    People needing to fax information back to the IRS.

    Public Group / 75 members
  • active 5 months ago

    If an individual owes money to the federal government because of a delinquent debt, the Treasury Department can offset that individual’s federal payment or withhold the entire amount to satisfy the debt.

    Public Group / 157 members



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