• M1cr0t3ch posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 4 months, 1 week ago

    Well called today like every Friday was told I had 2 weeks left of the 11 weeks, but that everything was processed and they were awaiting the adjustment of my full refund. She insinuated it could be sooner than the full 11 weeks which would be 4/26. Here is hoping for 1 more week of begging for extensions.

    • @m1cr0t3ch I am to still in the waiting game. I stopped calling as of this past Tuesday. I’m tired of hearing the lame excuses from. My 8 weeks was April 2 and now there telling it May 4th. I have to give them an alextra 30 days. I’m beyond furious with the IRS.

    • I think we spoke to the same rep. TA told me to call 4/23 if no 846 next update. Fingers crossed.

    • I never got a TA. Figured that would post pone my money by pissing of IRS agents lol. But fingers crossed I get a deposit next week. If it takes the full 11 weeks I should see a deposit on the 25th, but the agent I spoke with made it seem like it should be next deposit round. Has anyones WMR updated that has 846 code? My WMR never updates for any year nor does the offset line for me. Its transcripts only and this year and last I have not been able to view online. Just going through the re-verification it doesn’t except my information. Can’t even sign up as my wife because it does not recognize anything.

    • My update 4/14 with DDD for 18