• Well guys that call was pointless..she just gave me the 10 day spill..i supposedly will have my deposit within 10 business days from the 25th when i was approved..was hopi g they would tell me more

  • Im on hold waiting for a rep right now for ca tax board..ill let you guys know if i get any additional info out of them!

  • Cali is definitely taking lo ger this year than usual. I kniw my deposit is taking longer because of the letter i received asking me to verify it was me.but id love to kniw when they are actually goi g ro release our deposits..hope we all get good news very very soon

  • @shelle i got a message similar to that stating my return needed extra processing time when it was still processing..and a couple days later stating it was processing please allow up to 3 mo ths..and a few days later it said your refund has been approved for release of funds, as of jan 25.. you will receive your dd in next 10 business days..and…[Read more]