• I filed on 02/02/17 accepted same day. On the 15th my bars disappeared no tax topic, saying that its still processing. I don’t have any offset b/c I have called. I haven’t received any letters so I’m at a standstill. I haven’t even received my state taxes…I claimed both EITC and child credits

  • Ashley posted an update in the group Transcripts 1 day, 17 hours ago

    what does it mean when you can get both transcripts???please help me to understand how that works thanks in advance

  • ok I filed and was accepted in 1/29 and when I go on wmr I’m still getting its being processed what could possible be going on my sister flied a week or two after me and she gets hers today anybody else with this problem today is 2/23 thank in advance

    • I’m having the same problem. Mine hasn’t moved passed processing. I’m hoping thats just an issue.

    • mine is saying it but no bars is that how your is Tia

    • and also the best of luck to both of us I hope it’s just the wmr acting up

    • Mine hasn’t changed either. I had to verify my ID a week ago and still no bars no nothing. It’s just stuck on still being processed.

    • i haven’t received anything saying I need to do a identification verification no letter about it or nothing on wmr about it it’s just saying being processed so I’m stuck here nothing knowing what to do or think

    • please somebody with the same problem keep me updated on there status thanks in advance

  • Brad posted an update in the group Transcripts 3 days, 21 hours ago

    Refund is in, checked my bank account this morning, and IRS deposit was in, IRS website still saying approved , that’s in, check your accounts, I claimed both credits .

  • i filed january 18th and its been 35 days! i have wells fargo and the wmr app says it is scheduled to be sent on 2/23 . i called wells fargo to see if theres any pending deposits they said as of right now no. anyone have wells fargo and the same deposit date as me

  • Hello all,

    I filed on 1/27/17
    Accepted on 2/16/17
    My DD date 2/22/17

    No pending transactions in my bank account, WMR APP: 2 bars, still has not sent my return.

    I claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit & Child Tax Credit.
    I filed online, with fees to be taken out.

    It has been a long 26 days…

    Questions : Does the IRS normally send refunds…[Read more]

  • I have DDD of 2/23 when I filed with h&r block I got a refund advance how long after they get their money will they postvrest of funds to my account?

    • I hope someone has an answer for this. I too have the same question. I’m hoping to get them tomorrow as mine says funds are to be sent “by” the 23rd. I guess we shall see. Bills need to be paid. LOL

    • Right my normal deposit days is wedsdays hopefully tommorow or Thurs nothing pending right now

  • MandyB posted an update in the group Transcripts 6 days, 12 hours ago

    Question about accepted date: I filed and got accepted last night (2/19) however when I check TT it says I was accepted on 1/20. Is this because its the next business day or something?

  • IRS accepted my return 1/31/17, today I read over my transcripts and there are 2 codes that look scary.. 570, and 971… I dont owe $ to IRS (that I know of) any ideas what theses codes mean?

  • ddd 2/23 but I have the american express serv card, I think I should be getting my refund

    Tomorrow not sure hope so what a pain in the ass this has been waiting all this time

  • Tiffany M Hensel posted an update in the group Transcripts 1 week ago

    How can I view my transcript without getting it mailed to me? I remember looking at it 2 years ago online but can not remember how I did it.

  • Kay posted an update in the group Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) 1 week, 1 day ago

    I filed on the 10th and it was accepted on 13th of Jan. I have no update or estimated date. I still have the processing message. I also called and talked to someone at the IRS and they told me the exact same thing. I am freaking out.

    • are you still now reciving the processing message

    • Yes I am. I called on Tuesday and they told me they were on hold because they need to see my original w2’s and it could take up to 45 days for them to even send out a letter about what they need.

  • London Reign posted an update in the group Transcripts 1 week, 1 day ago

    Good morning everyone!!! Did everyone with the code 20170505 receive their direct deposit date of 2/23/2017?

  • Wondering if I am the only one who didn’t update last night. Filed the 31st accepted same day

    • I didn’t either. I filed Jan 10 and was accepted on Jan 13.

    • I finally got a person on the phone and mine are being held for possible offset due to my husbands taxes last year

    • You talked to someone today?

    • I did someone posted this saying it was the easiest to get to a live person and they were very helpful. I explained that my bar or status didn’t update last night after they the irs claimed the majority would. Told theme I thought maybe I was selected for id verification and wanted to get it out of the way because of the holiday and all Monday.…[Read more]

  • Irs 2go updated this morning. I was accepted on 1-17 my ddd was 2-3. Irs said it changed to 2-13 when the tax act thing went away. This morning it says it’s scheduled to be sent to our bank on the 23rd. This is ridiculous. They had all that time to process and pay the refunds and just set them on the back burner paying everyone else’s and now we…[Read more]

  • RayC posted an update in the group Transcripts 1 week, 2 days ago

    Filed jan 28 and was accepted on the 29th. EITC CTC,…and says processing on wmr. My transcript has the 846 code next to my refund amount and the cycle is 20170505 .Says 3/06/17…so when might I get my refund? Thanks.

    • I have the same exact codes as you do and received my ddd of the 23rd. If your processing date is posted February 20, 2017 your ddd is 3-4 days after that.

  • Kimberly posted an update in the group Transcripts 1 week, 2 days ago

    Can anyone tell me why the
    Balance as of date changed from Feb13 to March 6, my cycle code still ends at 570?

  • Lauren posted an update in the group Transcripts 1 week, 2 days ago

    Can someone please tell me what does code 570 mean? I also have codes 150 806 766 766 768 570 ordered my transcript on 2/10 received yesterday.

  • Jgordon101 posted an update in the group Transcripts 1 week, 2 days ago

    Hi, can anyone explain to me how to read a transcript? It says: Request Date: 02-17-2017 Response Date: 02-17-2017 Tracking Number: 100316396089

    Account Transcript

    FORM…[Read more]

  • Genevieve posted an update in the group Transcripts 1 week, 2 days ago

    I have a question I was able to check my transcript today and it has code 846 with a date of 3/6/17 is that the date I’m going to get my return?

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