• Kathy posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    Hi..I’m new here and my situation is similar to everyone else’s…Filed return March 16 return got offset..Filed injured spouse on April 19th. Called IRS June 28th(9 weeks after sending in IS) the lady said it was open but I didn’t fill out the exemptions, my fault, but would put in referral to send me a notice or my refund because it was just sitting there and was out of their time frame and I had to wait 30 days to hear something..Did i wait 30 days..No..I called back on July 12 and spoke with a man that said my refund had been applied to my account and it could take up to 4 weeks to recieve check..I didn’t stop called back on July 19 and spoke with a different man, he said that it had open and closed on July 2nd and a referral was put in also on that day.Open and Closed? Still didnt get a straight answer on that but also said that there was nothing in the notes where I had called the week before and talked to the guy that said my refund was applied.Anyways he said he would put in another referral and a referral for an advocate..ok..only if I’m having hardship would they take my case..Hardship..what American isn’t? And to get my money? Don’t make no sense but anyways..I agreed said it would take 7 days for them to call. I’m waiting but in the meantime I checked WAR on Friday July 20, the day after I spoke with the last guy and it went from refund had been applied to child support, etc to We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Does anyone else’s say this or know what it means or is it a

    • Not WAR. .WMR

    • My WMR just switched to that too. Just Yesterday. If that’s what you’re asking about.

    • Oh im saying they been processing my return for 13 weeks now

    • Tiff replied 4 weeks ago

      Everyone is waiting that long it seems luke iys been a long year for everyone for these waits

    • Kathy replied 4 weeks ago

      My question is does the we have received tax return and it is being processed on WMR…mean that my refund is being processed or the return..if the return is being processed which has been for 13 weeks(they say 8 weeks to be processed) then wi I have to wait another 4 months? Geezzz this is crazy!

    • Tiff replied 4 weeks ago

      I was told when it says being processed it finishing up or is finished. Then it can take up to 6 weeks to get the money back and then to you

    • Kathy replied 4 weeks ago

      That’s just so ridiculous for everyone..

    • Kathy replied 4 weeks ago

      But thanks..

    • Yes it is! That’s what the advocate said too.i called them couple days ago sense its past the 8 weeks