• Sorry if any of my reply doesn’t make sense I was using the talk to text feature. It doesn’t work so well. But I have mine deposited into a prepaid card that pays me a day or two early. Last year my refund was available 2 days before my friend ds who had had theirs deposited to their bank accounts. I’m hoping I’ll have it Tuesday but as I said I…[Read more]

  • I just use a Rush card so it will go onto a prepaid card. Do you want advantage of that is it’s usually deposited a couple days early like my paycheck is. But I know for sure mine will be in the first group that was accepted so it should be in the first group whose deposits are mailed off. With the exception of the test group or the test batch…[Read more]

  • I’m sorry I tried to find this topic and couldn’t find a recent one. Just from reading on here it seems like people seem to know what they’re talking about. I’ve been reading and the IRS has said money will be jn people’s accounts on 2/27. Well in the past it has been before the date they estimated. I’ve also read people saying the deposits…[Read more]