• Jessicahuff101912 posted an update in the group Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) 1 year, 3 months ago

    I was accepted on 1-17. I had a ddd of 2-3 before the tax act thing came up then it went away. I got my state refund yesterday and I’ve never gotten state refund in Kentucky before federal in my 16 years of filing taxes. It’s always at least two-three weeks later. Anyway. Yesterday I still didn’t have a change from tax act. So I found a way to get through the automated responses and got to talk to someone. He told me all he can see on his end is my refund is suppose to be issued 2-13. Which is impossible since they were holding them till the 15th at the earliest. I mentioned that and he said well I’m assuming it will be released today. That was yesterday he said that. This morning I called my bank and asked if I had any pending deposits. They said no. Where’s my refund still hasn’t updated for me. No ddd or anything. I can’t order a transcript it says my info doesn’t match. We moved a few weeks ago so I tried my old address and it locked me out. The Irs sure loves to hassle you when you owe them but if they owe you it’s a whole different scenario. It’s our money. People who actually work and have check stubs from employers with employer and employee id numbers and who are claiming their old child and have claimed their own child for the last 5 years should not have to deal with this crap. I could see someone filing self employment and random kids. I haven’t even heard of anyone around here they have audited and trust me I know several people who are frauding them. It’s a very common thing around here. Nothing ever gets done to them. The only person I have known to ever get audited for fraud was a guy that claimed someone’s kids and that person went to file hisself and they told him his kids had done been claimed and it got reported. He still got his refund tho even tho it was reported he frauded them. Crazy. That money is setting in an account building interest the Irs is going to get to keep. That’s what is taking so long. I could complain all day but that’s not going to change anything. They will issue when they want to and their is nothing we can do about but hope that tromp and the majority of congress can change something about it.