• Irs 2go updated this morning. I was accepted on 1-17 my ddd was 2-3. Irs said it changed to 2-13 when the tax act thing went away. This morning it says it’s scheduled to be sent to our bank on the 23rd. This is ridiculous. They had all that time to process and pay the refunds and just set them on the back burner paying everyone else’s and now we…[Read more]

  • I was accepted on 1-17. I had a ddd of 2-3 before the tax act thing came up then it went away. I got my state refund yesterday and I’ve never gotten state refund in Kentucky before federal in my 16 years of filing taxes. It’s always at least two-three weeks later. Anyway. Yesterday I still didn’t have a change from tax act. So I found a way to…[Read more]