• Sarah-Ann posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 2 months ago

    So I’m a bit confused about my injured spouse return… I sent in the form I have two other dependents and my husband had just himself… I paid in most of the taxes for last year my husband and didn’t pay in much at all… the offset is on his name… but for some strange reason I’m only getting a fifth of the return we were originally suppo…[Read more]

  • Kevin posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 3 months ago

    Hey, folks!

    I’ve had great succuss filing my Injured Spouse form last year thanks to this site. I am now trying to file for a previous tax year and have my transcripts, but can’t figure out what year my return was garnished. Any tips!?

  • Christen posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 4 months ago

    Just amended my returns with a injured spouse. I just looked at my transcripts and it has my refund up there, with cycle of 20173105… I do not understand what that means? Please let me know.

    • The IRS uses a code to identity it’s cycle dates. The first number in the sequence, 2017, is obviously the year. The second number, 31, is the 31st week of this year. The last number, 05, is the day of the week. I’m pretty sure that 1=Monday, 2=Tuesday, and so on. Your cycle date is the exact same cycle date that I had and I got my check this past…[Read more]

  • H Thompson posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 4 months, 1 week ago

    Finally it’s over for us!
    We were supposed to get our original refund 2/22
    I filed our first IS form that day (2/22)
    Called 9 weeks later and it wasn’t there, I sent it to the wrong place.

    Sent 2nd IS form on 4/19.
    IS form received 4/24
    8 weeks went by, nothing. Did the 30 day referral, nothing.
    On 7/25 our reversal was pending, on 8/4 it…[Read more]

  • TRU posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 4 months, 1 week ago

    Hey I am new here but I have been reading the posts for a while and they have guided & saved my sanity for some time now I will try to pay it forward. Similar issues as many of you & transcript said 8/4 refund date…when I talked with irs on Friday they couldn’t tell if or when the check would actually be mailed that day. Saturday after 3pm…[Read more]

  • Hot Mess Momma posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 4 months, 1 week ago

    We filed mar 3, IS recvd Mar 6. Waited and waited, finally got a letter saying they couldn’t access our W2s and I needed to mail them in. Got a letter dated June 28 saying please allow an additional 45 days for processing. Transcripts updated yesterday with a refund date of 8/11. Is that the day the check will actually be mailed?

  • H Thompson posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    So i called yesterday to check up on the status of our refund because the transcripts still show IS form received 4/24.. First off what was weird and i’ve called at least 25 times throughout this whole process and have never been asked this. The lady asked me for my SSN, its always my husbands that gets asked for because he filed the IS form, not…[Read more]

    • Have you received anything?? My claim was received 4/24 since then nothing has changed on my transcript. I’ve called EVERY week with a lot of different t answers. BUT today I was told there are several dates that there is some type of glitch and I happened to fall into one of them! I’m not sure the dates but it could be possible for you!

    • @devinf We got an update on our transcript like 2 weeks ago that the reversal was made and then just yesterday we got a refund date of 8/18.

  • Jessica adams posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Ok I’m very new to this page/group/website but I needed help. My husband and I received an injured spouse update in mail notice date was for July 10th. It is August 4th and nothing in mail yet. Does that seem strange. Also we are very new to the transcript thing. My husband called (automated service) and there is def a credit. How do I check my…[Read more]

    • Go to the IRS website and you can view your transcript online. You will have to set up an account if your never checked it online before or call (800) 829-0582 ext. 652 to speak to someone

  • Has anyone received there check before issuse date

  • JoJoDavis posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hello Everyone! Finally after a long wait my transcript update to Refund Issued date 8-4-17 does that mean I’ll see my check that date? Or where can I call to see if they mailed it yet

  • The irs said my check was sent 7/10 but still have not gotten it

  • Tiffany posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hello! Ive been following this thread/group for months and honestly it has been beyond helpful. Im now to the point where my husband and I both received a letter dated 7/31 with the amount that was to be refunded…check in 2-3 weeks. My questions are- is this letter reliable info and if so should i be prepared to wait the full 2-3 weeks for it to…[Read more]

  • Devin Finch posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Question: Has anyone ever gotten their refund but nothing changed or posted on Transcript?

  • H Thompson posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Today has been 13 weeks since our injured spouse form was received on 4/24. I waited the 8 weeks, called and did the 30 day referral that was up on 7/19. Called back on the 20th, was then told I should wait 7-10 days before making a call to the tax advocates as that was the next step. So i decided to instead of waiting call today. I called just…[Read more]

    • Mine was received on 4/21. I called after the 45 days, which was 6/5, the guy said he put in a referral. Called back June 14th. Was said there was no referral put in. I was mad! The lady then said she will put in the referral. Called again and 7/11 the referral was received I guess. Checked this weekend and have a check date for 7/28.

    • I’m going through the exact same thing! Mine was received on 4/24, I have called every week and still no refund. The weird thing is they told me the amount I would be getting about a month ago but its just pending???? A referral was done once and some how they say it was closed out so like two weeks ago they did another. It is absolutely ridiculous!!!!!

    • @devinf They haven’t even told me an amount or anything. They just say they don’t know why it’s not done that they still must be working on it. I refuse to do another 30 day referral because it’ll be 17 1/2 weeks by time that’s up. That is ridiculous and anyone who has to wait that long shouldn’t have too. Nobody should have to wait this long…[Read more]

    • Any word on your taxes yet. Hope you hear something soon. My wait is finally over. Received our check today. Good luck, til next year

    • @erica I called last thursday 7/27 and they said something about a reversal was pending on our account and that i would see a check in 4-6 weeks. I’ve been checking our transcripts and still dont see anything besides the IS form received.. I’m hoping something caves here soon. Glad you finally got yours. There definitely won’t be a next year for…[Read more]

    • Have you received anything yet? I called today and found out my date was in some glitch and they don’t know unless you called. I asked how I’d called EVERY week and yet nobody could tell me?! He didn’t know but he called in someone to help him figure out what was going on!

  • Jackie posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    I filed the injured spouse form around 5 months ago. Shortly after I got the letter informing me my return was being applied to last year’s taxes even though I was making monthly payments. Anyways, I haven’t heard anything. So I called today, waited about 30 minutes to get a person, she says she can’t see that my forms were received so she’d…[Read more]

  • Erica posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 4 months, 4 weeks ago

    Finally my transcript updated and says check date 7/28 … Glad it’s almost over.

  • Melanie posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 5 months ago

    And where do I check on my transcripts? This is from 2012…..but im seeing nothing on any of the transcripts…only when they received my form in 11/2016.

  • Melanie posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 5 months ago

    So they’ve had my form since 11/2016….was approved a month ago and it’s still in processing????? I called today and the lady said they’re behind on processing these due to lack of resources? ? What does that mean? ?

  • H Thompson posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 5 months ago

    Anyone ever been told to wait even longer after your 30 day referral was up? Like told not to call a tax advocate for another week to 10 days? Our 30 days was up yesterday, everythings still the same. But she told me she noted in our system not to call back for another week to 10 days. She gave me the TA number and said to call them in 10 days. I…[Read more]

    • Yeah don’t listen to them & just call. I was told I’d be getting my check any time & that involving a TA would just slow things down… no tax return came it’s just sitting there approved & they have no clue why. Finally got a tax advocate& they said it would be another 10 days soonest we seen a check so definitely get a hold of them as soon as…[Read more]

    • @Kay I was told by some lady I’m better off waiting it out because getting a TA automatically adds on 4 weeks and that I wouldn’t see a check any time before that. So here’s today 13 weeks and I haven’t called a TA because I didn’t want to wait another 4 weeks because it’d ruin our vacation for sure. So looks like i’ll be calling TA tomorrow. How…[Read more]

    • Just called the tax advocate people and they told me they won’t do anything for me unless i have a hardship and unfortunately we don’t have one.

  • Campbell posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 5 months ago

    Just check my transcripts and got a update with code 846 dated 7/21/17 and 766 with a little interest. Thank God its almost over.

    • Hello! Just yesterday, Friday, I got an update on my transcript with codes 766, 290, and 971. It looks like you got those same codes and then shortly after you got the vaunted 846 code. (Swear I’m not stalking you, was just looking for others in same situation as me) Have you received your check yet? Hoping you did, this process is a pain in the neck!

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