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    For all new members. I am new but have been on other forums which are the same type. This will save you headaches.. If you want a transcript good how to get a transcript from irs… The steps are their. If you dont own or have never placed a card on file you will have to order it by mail then read the codes. Also find your closed date by calling irs.. Follow the home screen on here where it says contacts it will get you to a live agent. Before 8 weeks you will have a hard time getring the irs agents to do a darn thing. They should be able to tell you the closed date though. After 8 weeks call back every day… Dont let up! Also be sure to be kind.. They might not be but sympathy for their hard boring job helps trust me. I hit 8 weeks friday and been blowing them up. Im a 3 yr IS so 1dt year 13 weeks… 2nd… 14… You need to bug your tax preparer also..