• Thank you Lord, I finally got my ddd! Just checked wmr and my hands were shaking so I must have in put my social wrong the first time cause it said it couldn’t find my information. I almost had a heart attack! But I did it again and there they were. Those beautiful orange bars and a ddd of 2/11/15. Now once that money hits my bank on Wednesday…[Read more]

  • So excited for everyone that has gotten an update. I really hope WMR updates tomorrow with a ddd. I can’t see my trans online so even though I got them thru the mail and can see that they are completely filled out and I have cycle 20150402 with the 896/570 combo just like the rest of you that have had updates, I still won’t feel completely…[Read more]

  • Yay! So happy to see people with updates. I can’t check my transcripts since the stupid irs site won’t let me register an account to view online but I have exactly the same stats as all the rest of us on here so I suppose mine has or will update today. Hoping we all see our money sometime next week and have this nightmare finally be over. :)

  • Still no change for me on WMR. Can’t access trans since i can’t register. I’m wondering who saw an update of 2/9 and on what, WMR or Trans? I hope we do see money next week but I am preparing myself for worst case scenario. I am thinking we may not see anything until the freeze drops on 2/16.

  • Hi all. Joining the 896/570 club. I’m not able to view my transcripts online since I can’t seem to be able to register but I was able to order them thru the mail. Just got my account transcript today and saw the 896/570 codes on there. I have been driving myself crazy wondering why I hadn’t gotten my refund yet even though I was accepted way back…[Read more]

  • elisa posted an update in the group Transcripts 3 years, 3 months ago

    So I know people keep saying that even if you are able to order a transcript by mail it doesn’t mean anything. It may still come blank. But I am hopeful. I tried ordering my transcript by mail last week and I couldn’t because it said that there were no transcript available for me for 2014. I tried viewing my transcript online this morning around 5…[Read more]