• Marie posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Finally have a resolution. I actually called the US Dept of Education for my balance as I knew what it was when the offset happened. The balance was higher by the amount of my refund. I spoke to someone about the student loan and they confirmed that the IRS refund was returned. So I called the IRS and informed them of this fact since our IS Form was accepted on 2/26, the 30 day referral was up on 5/23 and another referral for 30 days was placed. The agent switched me to the IS Department, which other agents stated they could not do, but this one did once I informed him that the US Dept of Education confirmed that the refund was sent back weeks ago. The IS Agent was able to pull the form from anther agent and we resolved it over the phone in 15 minutes with a full refund due. The agent informed me that it could be up to 4 weeks to receive the refund, but since the funds were already returned it should not take that long, but they have to full the refund and it goes to another department. It would be so much easier if they only worked together on these matters. Be persistent and continue to call as often as you can, since each agent does things differently and you may get lucky like I did. I also put in a request for a tax advocate with the IRS since my first 30 days referral expired and nothing was done. The end is near for me I hope.