• Davina posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 4 months, 1 week ago

    I filed on 1/23 and was expected the same day. Now WMR is showing there is a delay on processing. I tried to look at my transcripts but it’s asking for a credit card. Do they charge to look at the transcripts?

    • I meant I was accepted on the same day

    • No! records/transcripts and view online or by mail. You will have to verify information but they do not charge!

    • Mine did the same no credit card worked I am gonna call irs and see if they can fix it

    • Me too, I tried putting in my credit card and mortgage acct # and both were denied, I know they are correct!! Very strange….

      I filed w/ IS using Turbo Tax on 1/26 and was accepted the same day. 1 week later on Friday the 2nd, my WMR showed “Take Action” Message with 1541 code. Just checked again this morning and no change. We filed not only IS, but we have EITC and ACTC, so who knows when I’ll receive an update! :(

    • I had to order my transcripts thru mail. Because it won’t accept my card number.

    • Has anyone had an update or have a Ddd? Anyone received their refund yet?