• Dame posted an update in the group Amended Returns 2 years, 8 months ago

    First, I sent in 3 years to be amended, and I’m due refunds on all of them. To answer a few questions…….Amended returns that are due refunds, it is a PAPER CHECK ONLY. No DD or Netspend cards. The Feds say 8-12 weeks, plus wait an additional 3 weeks for the return to show on WMAR. All 3 of my amended returns were received and shown in that system on 4/6/2015.
    As of right now, I received an adjustment letter for 2011 and a check should be here any time now. 2012 and 2013, they are another story. I’m showing Code 977 – Received, and then Code 420 – return sent for examination. If anyone has this code, it is not an audit. When audits happen, you will be notified accordingly. This can be anything from not filing the same way on a subsequent year, or the computer just flagged your return for someone to take a peek. A lot of the times this happens, is due to people going for Earned Income Credit. It may take a little extra time one it goes to Examination – Code 420. The preparer that helped me worked for the IRS FOR 35 years and now runs his own Tax Preparation Company. Anyone in the Boston/Massachusetts area, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this gentleman. Please let me know if anyone has any questions, as I am getting updated from my preparer on a daily basis. Mainly because the Feds owe me over $20k