• Christen posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 9 months, 1 week ago

    Just amended my returns with a injured spouse. I just looked at my transcripts and it has my refund up there, with cycle of 20173105… I do not understand what that means? Please let me know.

    • The IRS uses a code to identity it’s cycle dates. The first number in the sequence, 2017, is obviously the year. The second number, 31, is the 31st week of this year. The last number, 05, is the day of the week. I’m pretty sure that 1=Monday, 2=Tuesday, and so on. Your cycle date is the exact same cycle date that I had and I got my check this past Monday. If you Google IRS transcript cycle dates, there are calendars out there that are helpful. Also, if your cycle date ends in 05, I found that your transcript will only update weekly on Fridays. If it were 1 thru 4, it could update daily. I read that somewhere and my transcripts only updated on Fridays, not 100% sure on that but it seemed to be correct. Hope you get cash soon!!