• Cierramarlowe posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 4 months, 1 week ago

    We filed 1/30 with an efiled IS form was accepted the same day online transcripts have a 570 code of 2/19 can anyone tell me what this means?

    • I believe it means it is in the IS department, but i’m not sure. I have the same code with date 02/26.

    • I don’t think they start processing it until that date.

    • Hi

      I spoke with IRS today and they told me the IJS form and Path credits are worked simultaneously. Hoping for a faster refund this year. Filed 1/24 and accepted the same day. I have the Take Action message on WMR for two weeks now hoping for an update this Sat.

    • I am in a similar boat. 570 with a date 2-19

    • So I am in a IS form Facebook group and a woman just posted she filed 1/27 and received her refund today. She never got the take action on her WMR just lost her bars and a portion of her refund was taken.

    • Seriously and she filed with the IS form? I’m 1/29 570 2/26

    • What group is this

    • It’s on Facebook called longest standing injured spouse filers group

    • Filer not filers

    • Thats extremely fast. Could it be that she filed an IS form and didn’t really need it? I was accepted on the 23rd and my bars just went away last week. Not expecting refund until hopefully next week. No credits claimed either and one income.

    • 570 just mans they put your return on hold cause you filed an IS form. Don’t worry about the dates cause the IRS will always post in future dates.

    • She said that she did need the form she will even need it next year for the same debt because they only took a portion of her refund to pay on it

    • That’s awesome then for her. Hopefully we have refunds by the end of the month!!