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    I E-Filed on 01/25 & my refund was offset on 02/24. I mailed in the 8379 form on 02/26, I called the first time in March & was told they received it on 03/01 & it would take 8 weeks from that date to process. I called 8 weeks later & was told the 8 weeks had passed and that they would put in a referral on my behave & i should either received my refund or get a call within 30 days. I called back on 05/03 & was told that my form had been processed & that i will be getting my refund back. I was told it could take 2 weeks to update on the IRS website under WMR and in total it could take 2-4 weeks to get my refund DD. I saw others on here mentioned something about a 846 code on their transcripts. i just looked at my transcript and it says:

    846-Refund Issued: 02/22/2018
    971-Injured Spouse Claim received: 03/01/2018
    971-Noticed Issued: 03/05/2018
    898-Refund applied to non-IRS debt: 03/05/2018
    766 Removed refund applied to non-IRS debt: 04/15/2018
    290-Additional tax assessed: 20181905 05-28-2018

    I have no clue what i am reading & i still do not know when i am supposed to get my refund. Can anyone help me understand what my transcript says?

    • They have reversed the offset and now you are just waiting for them to process it and issue you your portion of the is claim