• chandy r dunklee posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 4 months, 1 week ago

    I just hung up on the rudest person possible at the number that everyone has been posting. The lady was rude as soon as she answered the phone. I sent our return and IS form via certified mail. I never received anything say that they accepted it. Magically last week, the WMR had a ticker saying it was received. Now the ticker is gone and just says processing. I mailed everything out April 9th (I know, we procrastinated this year). We really didn’t want to deal with it this year but had no choice. The lady on the phone wouldn’t even look anything up to tell us which date to start counting our 11 weeks from because I know they didn’t receive it the same day we mailed it. I don’t even know if they started working on it yet or if it is just sitting in a stack somewhere. UHHH I am ready to scream. Does anyone have any similar dates or help for me?

    • I sent mine 04/16 had an error, h&r block re-sent it with IS form, was accepted on apr 23rf and they started working on it on 05/14 … I cslled tjey said wait 11 weeks, other said wait 45 days… idk what to think at this point. I bet if you owe them ..ha! But if they owe you….you have to wait” keep calllinggg!!!