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    Good Morning! I am new to this group and hoping for some help in reading and understanding my tax return. I filed injured Spouse with my return. WMR has said still processing for weeks. IRS received my return on 4/9 and my transcripts shows the last date as 4/15 with any movement. Is there somewhere I can call and ask questions? Can someone tell me what to expect going forward and when I might receive my refund?

    • I can truthfully tell you from experience it’s gonna be a lengthy wait expect 8 to 14 weeks possibly 16 call 1800-829-0582 ext 652

    • Go to and search “get transcript”, then follow the link they provide. You’ll need to sign up for an account to see your transcripts online. None of the three digit codes matter until you get the 846, which means money is on the way.

    • WMR is worthless for Injured Spouse

    • Eledaia, thank you I looked at my transcript and it does have the 846 with a date of 5/16/18. How does it work with a future date?