• Antapotomus posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Full cycle update: EFiled, HRB w/ attached IS for DD on 2/1, accepted 2/2, called nearing end of 11 weeks, told no activity. Called the week after and was told a 30 day referral was opened on April 20th. Called a week after that at 12 weeks and was told case closed (forgot date) and refund amount with no DD scheduled but $ would be released that Friday (5/4). WMR just updated (1st time in years of IS) for a deposit tomorrow, 5/9. Total time this year: 13 weeks. Good luck everyone.

    • This gives me a little hope. We filed at the end of Jan with IS attached…waited the 11 weeks, got the 30 day referral, we are now less than 10 days away from that time being up.

    • Hi! I have seen a few posts about a 30 day referral. What does that mean? I do not mean to sound stupid lol

    • After my 11 weeks were up, my case still hadnt even been worked on. They refer the case to someone to hopefully get it going and they have 30 days to complete it.